Joanna Wallfisch

British singer-songwriter Joanna Wallfisch has emerged as an important voice, combining “the intimate purview of a singer-songwriter with the technical liberties of a jazz improviser” (The Boston Globe). The New York Times describes her songs as “sensitive and deep” while The Telegraph said of her voice and performance as “sublime and unique”. Underlying that voice is a composer who explores fresh aesthetics while highlighting her playfulness and fruitful imagination.
A multi-instrumentalist, Joanna’s constant experimentation extends beyond composition and arrangement to her striking live performances. She plays soprano and baritone ukulele, piano and using a loop pedal she creates beguiling choral vocal soundscapes to accompany her songs.

Joanna will be appearing at the House on the Hill as part of her Australian “Great Song Cycle” tour, which will see her cycle from Brisbane to Hobart over seven weeks, carrying her own instruments and performing along the way.

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