Bridget a’Beckett & James Ferguson

Professional musos in their own right, Bridget a’Beckett and James Ferguson have formed a duo to share their love of music with the Clifton Hill community. As a choir leader, Bridget likes telling James what to do. As the pianist that can do anything Bridget asks, James is happy to oblige. Bridget is yet to find a song James can’t play, so it has become a challenge that she is determined to win.

Their friendship and easy banter results in a laidback singalong session of some well-known favourites, with a few spontaneous requests to end the night. There is wine, laughter and a guaranteed endorphin release waiting for you if you choose to join in. We hope you do!

Want to know more about Bridget? Here’s her bio:

Bridget is the founder of a theatre company that produces musical theatre for children called “Musical Sprouts”. Its work is grounded in the latest research and evidence from neuroscientists about brain development in early childhood. The company’s current show “A Day In The Life Of You” has performed extensively across Melbourne, with a recent successful season at the Spiegeltent for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Bridget’s musical career extends across many creative genres including professional theatre, the live music scene, community arts and theatre production. As a performer, she has appeared in “Cabaret the Musical” alongside Tina Arena and released an album of original songs called “The Wishing”. She has worked for 15 years as a composer and musical director for choirs, youth musicals, kids’ theatre, and community and corporate organisations and delivered community arts and music projects, including the award-winning “52 Flashmobs in 52 Weeks”.

Want to know more about James?

James is a brilliant pianist who, by virtue of playing decades of sticky pub gigs, contrived weddings and awkward corporate events, has acquired a considerable repertoire of popular music from the second half of the last century, and enough from this millennium to stay relevant and employable.

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