Many of our house concerts have featured wonderful singing by the audience, so this time we have engaged two fabulous local musicians to lead a full-on, pub-style singalong. Here is your chance to raise the roof and sing classic pop and rock anthems … and maybe a Xmas song or two!

Professional musos in their own right, Bridget a’Beckett and James Ferguson have formed a duo to share their love of music with the Clifton Hill community. As a choir leader, Bridget likes telling James what to do. As the pianist that can do anything Bridget asks, James is happy to oblige. Bridget is yet to find a song James can’t play, so it has become a challenge that she is determined to win.

Their friendship and easy banter results in a laidback singalong session of some well-known favourites, with a few spontaneous requests to end the night. There is wine, laughter and a guaranteed endorphin release waiting for you if you choose to join in. We hope you do!

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Event Date

December 7, 2019

Event Time

8:00 pm

Ticket Price

Event Location

Hilton Street, Clifton Hill